Welcome to My Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! Please, have a cookie.  And don’t worry about the vase.

(Yes, that was a Matrix reference. And no, there aren’t actually any cookies for you, only for your computer if you say it can, see my Privacy Policy).

Well, this is my blog!  Please feel free to pull up a chair and browse for a bit.  I’d love to have you!

My logo says Living the Rocky Life because my husband, two daughters, and I live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Born, raised, and only occasionally venture out (flatlands spook me).

My blog is about trying to live the richest life possible on a single income.  We do that by not spending money on things that are merely luxuries while also doing our best to make everything we can (because it’s often better and cheaper).

You may find quite a wide range of topics, with some seemingly completely random.  Thus why I suggested a chair; you may find yourself reading about something you hadn’t previously known you were interested in.

Enjoy and let the flow take you!



You’re still reading this?  Are you not sure where to start?

Well, if you’d like to know more about my life and how I got to be a blogger, you can read my story here.  Or if you just want an overview you can skim About Me.

If you’re not here for me personally (don’t worry, no offense taken), then maybe you’d like to read about driving?  I love to drive and writing about it was one of the first things that made me want to start a blog.

Or maybe you’re a mom, or mom-to-be.  My breastfeeding struggle is a good place to start since besides pregnancy and birth, it’s pretty much the beginning of being a mom, even if you choose not to do it (you’ve still got to deal with those full milk bags, right?). Or my First Birth Story tells the tale of an induced first-time labour.

You can check out some of the things I’ve made on my sewing machine, like crib bumper covers, a stuffed seahorse, or a rifle/shotgun carry bag (a favourite of my husband’s (or should I say favorite, since he’s American?  There I go, trying to be the stereotypically polite Canadian.  You’re welcome.  Sorry.)).

Or my kitchen is a popular place to start the ball rolling.  I just love attempting to make things that I decide I don’t want to buy in the store anymore.   Hubby loves my croutons (thank goodness too, those buggers are expensive!).  I can show you how I made onion rings without a deep fryer.  And yogurt!  Yum, my favourite homemade thing ever that I never want to spend money on again because it tastes that much better made at home!

Or maybe you just want to talk to me?  Shoot me any questions, comments, or suggestions here! I would love to hear from you! (Unless you’re mean. True to my passive- aggressive Canadian-ness I will simply delete your message with a forceful *click*).