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May 2016

Do you know when to use your highbeams? This should clear up some concerns!

6 Must-Know Tips for Highbeam Use

Concerning High Beams: High beams are not just a way to see better during night drives; they are a communication tool between yourself and oncoming drivers. They can (and should) also be used during the day. After driving for a decade (three years as…

My Breastfeeding Survival Story: When breastfeeding doesn't come easily and downright hurts. Click the image to hear my tale.
Being a Mom

My Breastfeeding Story

Concerning Breastfeeding: My Baby Doll was born in June 2015. She is now 11 months old and we are still breastfeeding. We’ve been breastfeeding right from the start. And it was hard. Read Doll’s birth story! For the first 6-8 weeks breastfeeding was the…