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July 2016

Being a Mom Crafting Home Decor

Redressing an Old Dresser

Concerning a Dresser: I love second hand stores. It may or may not be important for you to know that but there it is.  Yay for random facts! I can spend literally hours browsing them. I look at just about everything, from kitchen gadgets,…

Being a Mom

Laundry Soap Made With Love

Concerning Laundry: Liquid Soap Recipe at bottom. This post contains affiliate links. At the end of May I finally made my own liquid laundry soap. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for months now. I got the recipe from David Suzuki, someone every…

Being a Mom In the Kitchen

Anyone Can Make Onion Rings!!

Concerning onion rings: Yesterday Hubby and I decided to head to the bush and cook some hamburgers.  We make our own burgers and buns but we needed to buy a couple of the fixins.  So we found ourselves inspecting a large bin of white…