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How to Make a Customized Clothing Patch

Concerning Hole Repair: It’s always our favourite pants that get a hole in them, isn’t it?  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised since those are the ones that are worn the most.  Obviously.  My point is that it sucks when it happens. Know… Thirds Diaper Insert feature
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Easy Diaper Insert

Concerning Baby Supplies; Cloth Diaper Inserts: Recently Hubby and I have found that the standard microfibre inserts that came with our Piddly-Winx diapers don’t seem to have the capacity to keep up with Doll. Of course, the issue is not helped by the fact…

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Rag Burp Cloth

Concerning Baby Supplies; Burp Cloths: Before I found out I was pregnant with our second, I cut up almost all of Doll’s burp cloths to use in my sewing projects.  I barely used them anyway.  But I have read some mommy testimonials about just…