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February 2017

How my second pregnancy is going at 35 weeks.
Being a Mom

35 Week Pregnancy Lowdown

I’ve been tummy-smuggling my second baby for 35 weeks now. Would you like to know how it is going? I know I’m kind of jumping into it, as I haven’t done any previous pregnancy-goings-on posts yet.  Have I even mentioned I’m pregnant? I think…

Crafting Home Decor In the Kitchen Sewing

Doing Away with Throwaway!

Concerning Garbage: A while back, while browsing a dollar store (I love dollar stores!!!), I came across pretty little washcloths.  They had four different colours, and each colour came in two different patterns.  Having never bought washcloths before and therefore not knowing what the…

How to patch a hole in your jeans.
Crafting Sewing

How to Patch Your Favourite Jeans

Concerning Jean Repair: Have you ever experienced the agony of discovering a hole in your favourite jeans?  And watching it slowly grow over time until it gets to the point where you know the end is nigh?  Isn’t that sad? Well, I experienced this sadness…

You wouldn't believen how easy it is to make delicious chocolate pudding at home!
In the Kitchen

Delicious Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Concerning Dessert: Sometimes us chocoholics have to break up the routine. Yes, I love chocolate.  In all its forms.  I love chocolate chips.  I’ve been known to eat baking chocolate squares.  I love drinking chocolate milk.  I make my own chocolate syrup (for chocolate…