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Behind the Scenes of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge

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Day 5

Reading through the past 4 days you find out very little about what is actually happening while I participate in the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.   So this post is to clue you in on a few things that are funny but you wouldn’t know if it weren’t for the fact I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today …

Day 5: Behind the Scenes of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge

I’m not wearing pants

You know that picture from Day 4 where I’m walking around in the bathtub?  Well, there’s a little fib in there.  And that fib is the shorts I’m wearing.  Truth be told, I don’t wear pants while I stomp around the tub.  But Hubby was kind enough to loan me his shorts so that I could post the picture on my blog without getting a ton of the wrong kind of attention!

I tried a milk rinse

Today my sister gave us a play pen.  Awesome!  So I put Doll to bed then started the laundry.  While filling the tub for the first rinse Hubby informs me that Doll spilled her full bottle of milk in the play pen.  So the flannel sheet (read: milk-logged sheet) was thrown in the rinse with the diapers.  And the pad that goes in the bottom of the play pen?  We held it over the tub and poured water over it.  So by the time we were done the rinse water was pretty milky…

Hubby took a whack at the challenge

Having previously insisted that if he had to change Poni’s diaper he would use a disposable, I was prepared for Challenge disappointment when I got home from an errand and saw that Hubby had indeed performed a diaper change.  I could tell because there was a wet flat with cover lying on the bed.  So with a heavy heart I told myself that if she hadn’t peed yet then it wasn’t a fail.  So I unzip Poni’s onesie and . . .  There is a flannel blanket between her legs!  Just a crumpled blanket with one end all the way up her back and the other up her front.  But it was a “flat” and not a disposable!  I was so proud!

Hubby tries his hand at the Flats Challenge


Don’t sh** where you wash your dishes …

Ok, nobody took a dump in the sink or tub.  But being as we’re living in a motel, the bathroom sink is where we wash our dishes.  It’s also where I put a poopy diaper to soak for a while before being added to the dirty diaper pile.  Poni’s first poop (that actually happened in a flat, we’ve gotten a few in the toilet!) happened while she was wearing a white flat.  Of course.  So I had it soaking in the sink.  A while later Hubby went to wash something.  He didn’t say anything but the next time I went in the flat was no longer in the sink; it was besides the sink and you could clearly see where Hubby had pinched just the tiniest bit he could to lift it from the sink.  And he put it on a plate!  Men, eh?  Also, he happened to pinch it right in the middle of the poop zone (which could clearly be seen thanks to the flat being white).  Again: men, eh?!

Wringing injury sustained

Tonight I suffered my first handwashing injury; I got a blister and tore it open all at the same time.  Wringing is dangerous work!  I hope I’ll be able to perform tomorrow . . .

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