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Being a Mom

My second birth story with a surprise quick labour.
Being a Mom

My Second Birth Story

Concerning labour and delivery: My second daughter was born March 2017.  This is her story. Dun dun! (That’s the Law & Order intro sound, in case you were wondering.) Pre-Birth With baby #2 Hubby and I decided not to find out the gender.  Not that…

Being a Mom

My First Birth Story

Concerning birth: My firstborn, Doll, was born in June 2015. This is her story: (hint: you’re supposed to read that like Law & Order) Pre-Birth: I had gestational diabetes that I controlled by diet (thank goodness because I hate needles!).  I had previously been…

Plans vs accomplishments for my last day before labour induction
Being a Mom

Plans vs Reality for My Last Single-Child Day

The day before being induced into labour. Tomorrow at about 8:30am I will be induced.  I have Velamentous Cord Insertion, which means the umbilical cord is coming out of the edge of the placenta, rather than being securely seated in the middle.  One of…

Being a Mom

Packing a (Second) Hospital Bag

Concerning a Hospital Stay: I will soon find myself in hospital delivering my second baby (in so many years).  And I have read many posts about what should be packed in your hospital bag.  Given, I read way more of those lists for Doll’s…

#RockingMotherhood tag
Being a Mom

Am I #RockingMotherhood ?

Concerning: Momming Have you heard of this #RockingMotherhood tag?  It’s not an excuse for us moms (and dads too!) to toot our own horn, more it’s a way for us to get the right perspective for how we’re doing at parenthood.  Because far too…