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Make Your Own Paper Towel on
Crafting Home Decor In the Kitchen Sewing

Make Your Own Un-Paper Towel

Concerning disposable vs reusable: You can easily decrease or even elimitate your use of paper towel and therefore your shopping bill and carbon footprint! In a previous post I outlined the journey my family took from paper towel to UN-paper towel (that means cloth!)…

Crafting Home Decor In the Kitchen Sewing

Doing Away with Throwaway!

Concerning Garbage: A while back, while browsing a dollar store (I love dollar stores!!!), I came across pretty little washcloths.  They had four different colours, and each colour came in two different patterns.  Having never bought washcloths before and therefore not knowing what the…

Yarn Ball Christmas Puffs featured image
Christmas Crafting Home Decor

Yarn Ball Christmas Puffs

Concerning Christmas! This post may contain affiliate links. I love Christmas!  But as it turns out, we don’t have very much by way of Christmas decorations.  For the house or the tree. This year I’ve been doing my best to remedy that.  You can…

Christmas Crafting Home Decor

Sock Snowman Decorations

Concerning Christmas! You know how I love to browse Pinterest?  Oh, you don’t?  Well, I do.  And the other day I saw something that I thought was just one of the most awesomest, easiest, “I can actually do that” crafts. Follow the link below…

Being a Mom Crafting Home Decor

Redressing an Old Dresser

Concerning a Dresser: I love second hand stores. It may or may not be important for you to know that but there it is.  Yay for random facts! I can spend literally hours browsing them. I look at just about everything, from kitchen gadgets,…