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Kenmore’s 158 Monogrammer

Concerning sewing with a Kenmore: I know this post is not what I usually write about but today I got my buttonholer and monogrammer out of storage.  Between being bought on eBay and going into storage, I hadn’t had a chance to play with…

Make Your Own Paper Towel on
Crafting Home Decor In the Kitchen Sewing

Make Your Own Un-Paper Towel

Concerning disposable vs reusable: You can easily decrease or even elimitate your use of paper towel and therefore your shopping bill and carbon footprint! In a previous post I outlined the journey my family took from paper towel to UN-paper towel (that means cloth!)…

Crafting Home Decor In the Kitchen Sewing

Doing Away with Throwaway!

Concerning Garbage: A while back, while browsing a dollar store (I love dollar stores!!!), I came across pretty little washcloths.  They had four different colours, and each colour came in two different patterns.  Having never bought washcloths before and therefore not knowing what the…

How to patch a hole in your jeans.
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How to Patch Your Favourite Jeans

Concerning Jean Repair: Have you ever experienced the agony of discovering a hole in your favourite jeans?  And watching it slowly grow over time until it gets to the point where you know the end is nigh?  Isn’t that sad? Well, I experienced this sadness…

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How to Make a Customized Clothing Patch

Concerning Hole Repair: It’s always our favourite pants that get a hole in them, isn’t it?  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised since those are the ones that are worn the most.  Obviously.  My point is that it sucks when it happens. Know…

Make your own easy customized coffee cozy with just felt!
Crafting Life Among the Rockies Sewing

Fall Coffee Cozy

Concerning crafting: I took up the challenge of coming up with and making a fall-themed craft project in five days. It was for a contest hosted by The Geeky Mama Blog. For anyone who knows me, you probably just sucked in your breath like,…