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How I Wash in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2017 day 4 wash routine

Concerning budget-friendly diapering:

Day 4

Things have been going ok in the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  In fact, I’m starting to get a rhythm!   And it’s quite encouraging that we haven’t experienced a diaper blow-out yet (knock on wood!).

Today I’m going to reveal how I manage to wash cloth diapers.  In a motel.

It’s really quite simple:

Doll takes a bath every night.  Once she’s done I add some detergent then all the dirty diapers and covers from the day.

I leave that to soak for . . . I have no idea how long.  It’s different every time, really.  It depends on Poni; I  nurse her and check her diaper one last time.  Sometimes she falls asleep and I let her (because I never complain about a sleeping baby on my lap!).  So whenever it’s convenient I go and stomp around in the bathtub.

Yup, I was the diapers with my feet!  It’s like how they used to make wine by stomping on grapes.

I like doing it this way because I can hold Poni while I do it.  She likes it too because she’s not left to amuse herself while I go away.  Lucky baby!

Until the next step.

I pull the plug and leave the tub to drain while I try to get Poni to sleep.  Sometimes it’s fast and easy and sometimes I have to leave a very awake Poni in Hubby’s arms because I can’t afford to wait any longer (the first two nights of the challenge I was up until 2am finishing laundry!).

So I go and wring out all the laundry.

Fill the tub.  Swish around.  Drain.  Wring.

Repeat 3 times.

Then I hang the diapers on the shower rod, on that weird luggage holder that’s in every motel room I’ve ever been in, on the backs of the two chairs, and on the bathroom door.  Really anywhere.  There isn’t a coat rack, rod, or hangers to help me out.

Ok, ok.  There is one hanger.  I don’t know why there is a hanger but I’m not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

Even if I had a drying rack I wouldn’t put the diapers outside to dry for fear of either them being stolen or the owner being annoyed with me for hanging diapers outside his place of business.  Not that anyone would know what they are, being as they’re just blankets. But it’s a moot point anyway seeing as I DON’T have a dry rack.

I would love to dry outside though because my flats won’t be dry until the next night.  I actually take the previous day’s laundry down and fold it in between the rinse “cycles.”  There’s no fan in the bathroom (or anywhere else) but it does happen to have a pretty hot light.  So I just leave the bathroom light on all day and night.  It helps.  It also helps that I don’t have to pay the electricity bill!


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