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Motels, Spiders, and Diapers

We are now in our fourth week staying in our third motel. We’ve been paying weekly which I regret now that it has been four weeks because the monthly rate is more affordable than the weekly (and the weekly more than the nightly). I found out that one of our prospective landlords has actually called our previous landlord (that’s a first, even with how many places we have actually applied to)! But that was two days ago and we still have not heard from him so I reckon I’ll have to call him and remind him that we would really like to stop living in a motel . . .

We also got a lead on another place. It’s a place my sister looked at but decided it wasn’t right for her.

It’s a one bedroom. But pickers can’t be choose, am I right or am I right? I’m right.

So that is also on my call list for tomorrow. It costs a little bit more and it’s out of town and it’s not ready yet but . . . that other place is located in a town I really don’t want to live in. Either way, if he agrees, we’ll go meet this other guy and look at the little house and probably apply for it even if it sucks. Because we don’t have much choice.

I will also most likely be returning to work soon. My work is very eager to get me back (they seem to be a little short-staffed right now) and even though Poni is only 2 months old, I can’t particularly afford to not. I wish I could take the whole year of maternity leave with her but unfortunately it just doesn’t pay enough. Of course I wouldn’t be returning to full-time. Poni is still breastfeeding so I will tell my employer I can only work four-hour (or fewer) shifts.

As for life in a motel, what can I say? Our room is actually kind of large, so that’s nice. And the owner has been incredibly kind to us. But.


Today when I was running the water in the bathtub to wash Poni’s flat diapers, a huge spider appeared (I have no idea where from!) and began RUNNING along the edge of the tub. I was mesmerized and horrified all at the same time. Of course I’ve seen spiders run before. But they’re usually on a floor. Something with colour, texture, etc. It looks quite different when they’re running on a bright white perfectly smooth surface. Also, I believe it could not get traction on the porcelain very well so . . . have you ever seen a dog try to get traction on hardwood floor or linoleum? Funny, right? I’m pretty sure the spider was having that issue.

So I was mesmerized watching the galloping spider but horrified because it was quite large and I couldn’t just leave to get something to catch it with (because what if it disappeared while I was gone?? There’s nothing worse than seeing a giant spider and then NOT seeing the giant spider.). And no, squishing is not an option. I gag merely at the thought of crushing a living thing. Imagining being able to feel it break or worse: hear the crunch? *cough cough gag* I just can’t stand it. I catch things and then depending on what it is I release it outside or put it down a drain.

So I watched the spider slip-slide-run his way along the edge of the tub and just about at the end he falls in! Which is technically much better than him falling out because then he could run anywhere and disappear and then sleep would just not happen. He fell into the tub with the dirty diapers and hot water. I grabbed a jar and peaked in. He was standing on a diaper that was against the side. He couldn’t climb out. So I tried to get him to go in the jar but he preferred to try to use it as a boost to climb up the side of the tub. Which simply didn’t work. He fell back but this time actually into the water. I fished him out into the jar (with only very minimal water, I was quite proud of myself) but the heat must’ve gotten to him because he curled up and died right away.

Which made me feel bad. Which made me feel confused. Because I would certainly have flushed a spider of his proportions. I suppose I felt bad because he died when I was trying to help him, rather than when I would’ve been actively trying to kill it. Poor spider.

So that is a big BUT about this place. But it’s actually the first spider I’ve seen here so that’s actually pretty good. Can’t really complain.

Now a show of hands; is anyone wondering what the heck I was doing with dirty diapers in my bathtub? Don’t worry, as our teachers always told us, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. (Just for the record though: yes there is.)

Fact one: they were cloth diapers, not disposables. Can you imagine?!
Fact two: I use cloth diapers on Poni
Fact three: it’s too expensive to wash cloth diapers at the laundromat so I was them in our motel room.

I wish I could cloth diaper both Poni and Doll but I don’t have enough diapers (2 month-olds go through a lot of diapers a day!) and at almost 2 years-old Doll doesn’t usually consent to easy not-rolling-away-or-kicking diaper changes and I’m not proficient enough to fold a flat onto her and hold it closed while I snap a cover overtop while that nonsense is going on.

So I’m diapering Poni using flats (or in my case, receiving blankets) and covers (or in my case, pocket diaper shells because I don’t own and can’t buy any covers). And I wash them every night in our bathtub (usually using Doll’s bathwater) with a bar of Sunlight laundry soap (because I can’t find Zote) and a washboard. I only got the washboard this last weekend and I’m soooooo happy with it! It makes it so much easier and I feel so much more confident now that the diapers are actually getting clean. Then I hang the diapers to dry on the shower curtain rod.

And you know what? Washing by hand with a washboard is surprisingly enjoyable. I’m not saying everyone should do it because it does, of course, take more time than just tossing clothes into a machine and walking away but it feels good to put in some good honest labour and actually see the fruit of your labour too. The blankets look so much cleaner and brighter since I got the washboard. And seeing the dirty water drain away is incredibly satisfying.

So. That’s my update on our current homeless/cloth diapering adventure.

Would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions!

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