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Moving to the Country

Gonna eat me lots of peaches!  Is that how the song goes? But anyway we don’t have peaches so . . . There are a couple crabapple trees though! Almost as good! . . . Right?


I have been admonished by friends for leaving everyone hanging about how our homeless predicament turned out.  I’m deeply sorry for the delay.  There is definitely a reason for it.  This post is to get everyone back up to speed.

How we ended up homeless:

Hubby and I with our two girls, Doll and Poni, were living in Oldest Sister’s house along with Closest Sister and her daughter.  Oldest Sister was living elsewhere in the province. Was.  We found out a couple months ahead of time that she and her family would be coming back therefore we were getting the proverbial boot.  We had lots of time to find new accommodation but we didn’t/couldn’t.  Personally, I was incredibly distracted because I was 8 months pregnant when we found out and had a one-month-old (Poni) when we had to move.

Not that I didn’t try.  I tried.  I really tried.  But Hubby was determined that we keep our family together.  And for him, family included our large dog.  Border Collie German Shepherd cross.  Plus some kind of Husky/sled dog breed.  “He’s a handful” is a compliment.  If I’m ever heard cursing under my breath, it is most likely because of the dog.  But Hubby would not hear of getting rid of him and it is purely because of our ownership of a large dog that we were unsuccessful at finding another home.

Thus we found ourselves staying in a motel.  We thought it would be just for a few days.  A week at most.  Because surely someone would call back, someone would take pity, someone would make an exception.  Nobody did.  We lived in a motel for a month.  Three motels actually, because we had to hop around a little before we found one we could “afford” long term.  And in the three weeks we were at the affordable one, we paid more in “rent” than we ever had anywhere else for a whole month.

But something finally changed!  Closest Sister tipped us off about a place that was thus far unadvertised.  It was perfect for her except it requires a 4×4 vehicle to access during the winter.  Well, Hubby and I had just made what seemed like a really poorly timed, stupid decision to buy an SUV.  We had been driving a car but when you already resent your dog for making you homeless, being stuck in a car with him and two carseats in the back doesnt help.

So that’s how we ended up with an SUV which possibly saved my sanity and, by extension, the dog’s life.

I must give credit where credit is due: the dog is the reason we are now living somewhere I love.  If not for the dog (and Hubby’s loyalty to him) then we might be living in an apartment right now.  It’s thanks to him that we got an SUV when we did.

Our new home:

After getting the recommendation from Closest Sister, we drove out to look at the house for rent.

It’s a 30minute drive out of town, in close proximity to a large lake, and located on a ranch.  The landlords are the only neighbours and their house is a good 150 yards away (I had to ask Hubby for that number because I’m terrible at estimating measurements and that is the reason it’s in yards and not a Canadian unit).

We looked at it, discussed it and our veritable fountain of other opportunities (that’s sarcasm, by the way), and called the guy back as soon as we got back to our motel.

That night we rented an 18″ moving truck, crammed nearly our entire household in it (which had been in a giant storage unit), slept a few hours, and unloaded at our new home.  In fast-forward.  Because it was rushed.  We did all the moving ourselves with both children present.  It was an experience, I can tell you that.  One I’m not eager to repeat. Like, ever.  I could only help when Poni was happy to be left in her swing and so Hubby did a lot of it by himself.  Did I mention that it poured on us when we were loading AND unloading the truck?  I haven’t been keeping track like Hubby has, but it seems to rain every time we move.

We have been living in our country home for almost 2.5 months and it’s awesome!  (Ask me if I still think that in the dead of winter).  We have nothing but yard! Which is something I wanted really bad for my  children.  We can have chickens!  I’ve always wanted chickens.  I don’t have to walk the dog any more because there’s nothing but room for him to run!  The look of pure bliss on his face those first few days when he realized he could go where he liked was pretty worthwhile. His whole life up to now has basically been him stuck in a house and constantly underfoot.

Our driveway is 1.5km long.  At one point it has a drop-off on one side.  It has a steep hill too (which explains the necessity of 4×4) and yes, it is fully dirt.  It takes about 4 minutes to drive up it.

There are a couple old chicken coops so Hubby is fixing one up and I’ve got chicks ordered so next year we’re going to be eating fresh eggs!  There’s also an outhouse which would still be functional if it weren’t leaning at a 55° angle.  There’s a second smaller coop as well as two storage sheds. Or playhouses. Not entirely sure what their purpose was when they were built.

So Doll runs around outside for hours at a time.  She plays in the sprinkler or kiddie pool when it’s really hot (which it has been for the entire summer so far), begs us to push her on trike or bike, pulls her wagon around (or just sits in it), sits in the kayak, collects rocks, throws random objects in the pool, laughs hysterically at the dog and chases after him trying to steal his ball, and just basically enjoys life.  And for most everything she does outside, I can see her from the kitchen and front windows.  So I still get some things done while also keeping a close eye on her.

There’s wildlife everywhere!  We’re practically overrun and it’s (mostly) awesome.  There are sooo many hummingbirds we had to buy another feeder because the competition was getting too fierce.  We have a hawk, at least two different species of owls, a pair of Stellars Jays, other little birds, elk, deer, rabbits, and grouse.  I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.

On the downside we also have a lot of mice, pack rats, chipmunks, and squirrels.  And now your asking “What’s wrong with chipmunk and squirrels?!” Well, I’ll tell you.  They take up residence in our roof and walls.  They steal the bird seed.  The light in our back mudroom/laundry room would often spark and sizzle when turned on because rodents were peeing on connections.  Urine dripped from it on occasion.  Little rodent poos fell from the ceiling fan.  In the kitchen.  So now you start to understand.  So Hubby had to take care of those problems.  But it’s an ongoing battle because the forest is full of adorable furry rodents who want nothing more than to live with people.  We had a pack rat attempt to move into our SUV.  We flushed it out and relocated it.  Hasn’t returned yet.

The two crabapple trees are loaded and I can’t wait to bake my heart out!  There’s also what I suspect to be a cherry tree, though I haven’t spotted any fruit on it yet.  There’s huckleberries, wild raspberries, mint, and hops.  And a travelling sprinkler, which is pretty gosh-darn awesome!!  And next year we’ll get the vegetable garden going (which is going to take a lot of work).


Life is good.


There is just the tiny little detail of not having home internet.  Hence the long wait on this post.


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  • Reply Corinne November 4, 2017 at 18:58

    so glad you’re enjoying your home! we have a vegetable garden too and it is a lot of work!

    • Reply Jaclyn November 5, 2017 at 10:57

      I’m dreading breaking ground for the garden (because it’s hard as rock!) but I know that it’ll be worth the work at harvest time!

  • Reply Mama November 6, 2017 at 12:57

    Vegetable gardens are the BEST! We have a small one because it’s so hard to maintain!

    • Reply Jaclyn November 7, 2017 at 02:26

      It will definitely take a lot of time and work but I hope it’ll be worth it!

  • Reply ohmummymia November 6, 2017 at 13:14

    Aww, beautiful wildlife! I always dream about it. The most important thing is to have your own place in that world:)

    • Reply Jaclyn November 7, 2017 at 02:28

      The wildlife is sooo amazing! We had a mama bear and her two cubs visit every night for a week too. They stripped our apple trees clean.

  • Reply Angel November 11, 2017 at 20:22

    Wow. Can’t begin to imagine being homeless but so glad you found your forever home!!

    • Reply Jaclyn November 12, 2017 at 00:14

      It was pretty stressful but our country home was worth it!

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