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My Second Birth Story

My second birth story with a surprise quick labour.

Concerning labour and delivery:

My second daughter was born March 2017.  This is her story. Dun dun! (That’s the Law & Order intro sound, in case you were wondering.)

The tale of the birth of my second-born daughter.

The tale of the birth of my second-born daughter.


With baby #2 Hubby and I decided not to find out the gender.  Not that you need to know that, it’s not über important when it comes to how she ended up exiting my body, but I thought it would be a nice tid-bit of information.

Now for something that is relevant: I had Velamentous Cord Insertion. What’s that? Well to put it simply, the umbilical cord was lousy.  The condition very often occurs alongside Vasa Previa. I don’t know what Vasa Previa is, as I didn’t have it, but I do know that it’s quite serious.  I got lucky avoiding that complication.

Because of the VCI, my baby-doctor wanted to induce me one or two weeks early.  Apparently the longer I carried, the higher the risk of stillbirth.  No, thank you! I had to meet with a specialist doctor to talk about it.  Although I’m not sure why.  Everything he said, I’d already heard from my baby-doctor.  He didn’t examine- examine me (just listened to baby’s heart and measured my stomach).  And I didn’t see or talk to him again.  I suppose he would have been called in if my labour went poorly or I ended up needing a c-section but … nope.

So I had to got to have an ultrasound every two weeks (heck, I didn’t have anything better to do anyway) and a non-stress test every week.  And everything looked great and wonderful every time.  So after a final ultrasound at 38.5weeks my baby-doctor scheduled my induction for 39weeks.

Yes, somewhat short notice but I did already know it would be right around then.  I just remained somewhat aimless until the actual date was set.  And since we need to move a month after the due date, my “nesting” was not very enjoyable.  I wanted to set up the second bedroom for Doll (who is still sleeping in our room) so the new baby’s crib could be moved into our room (even though I plan to co-sleep for however-long-I-feel-like).  But we didn’t bother doing that because it would have been a lot of work for very little reason.  I did end up concentrating most of my nesting energy on the day before the induction and I got some stuff done.

So I had to be at the hospital at 8am. I would get one last non-stress test and assuming everything was still good I would be induced with Prostaglandin (I think, I’m terrible with medical terms/names) at 8:30am.  So Hubby dropped me off and went to get a coffee. By the time he got back with Doll, I’d been induced.  I’m glad he and Doll weren’t there for it, too!

Turns out Doll did NOT like seeing me like that. Like what? Well, when she last saw me I was strapping her into the car seat.  I was dressed in normal clothes, standing, doing a familiar activity.   The next time she saw me I was lying in a strange bed, in a strange place, in strange clothing, with bands around my bare belly attached to a loud device (fetal monitor).  She walked in with Hubby, took one look at me and sank to her knees, crying.  I felt terrible.  And I couldn’t comfort her. I couldn’t get up to show her I was ok and she didn’t want go come anywhere near me.  She spent the first couple hours hiding behind her blanket on the La-Z-Boy, watching videos.  Everytime she peeked at me she would cry again. Poor kid.  She eventually fell asleep with Hubby and she was a little better after a nap.

My firstborn hiding from me in the hospital

Doll hiding behind her blanket because the sight of me in the hospital bed scares her.

Husband and firstborn nap together in hospital, waiting for labour to start.

Doll and Hubby napping together.

So what next? Well, we (me, Doll, Hubby, and my parents) waited all bloody day at the hospital but I didn’t start feeling contractions until 7:30pm.  Just in time for my parents to leave because the nurse wanted me to go to sleep.

So everyone left and it seemed like since the contractions had just started, I probably would have the baby mid-late the next day.


Around 3:30am I decided to walk around the hospital some as the contractions were waking me.  They weren’t terribly painful, but I couldn’t sleep through them.  The nurse found me walking around when she came to do a bed check and she offered to remove the Prostaglandin. Yes, please! I wanted to sleep!

So she took it out probably around 4 or 4:30am but although I was able to stay in bed and sleep in between, the contractions didn’t let up.  I tried to time them but I was really tired (did I mention I was sleeping in between each one?) and I figured I was doing it wrong because they had absolutely no rhythm.  Some were half a minute in between, and some were 5  minutes.  Obviously nothing to be excited about.


Unknown to me, the nurse looked in on me during one of my brief naps and just minutes later, at 5:55am (I looked at the clock right away *pat on back*), I woke up to a weird impact feeling in the bottom of my belly followed by this weird gurgling feeling.  I half sat up, wondering if I had dreamt it.  After a couple seconds when nothing happened I decided it had been a contraction that a dream messed with.  But then I felt a gush.

I turned over and groped for the call-button.  As I was the only one in the maternity ward, the  nurse was there lickity-split.  I told her I thought my water had broken and she took a swab to confirm.

With my first labour I wasn’t physically aware of my water breaking.  It was over 24hrs after it broke that I even found out that it had broken.  So even though my water had now broken, it didn’t occur to me that anything would happen anytime soon.  I got changed and as I was climbing back into bed I got hit with a hard contraction.  The grip-your-belly kind because it hurts but you don’t know what to do about it.  The nurse was still in the room, clearing off a rolling table that we had piled high throughout the uneventful day.  She knew it was time to get ready!

My second birth story - Hubby holds Poni

I immediately groped for my tablet and texted Hubby.  Then I suffered through another contraction.  Then I called him because really, who is going to wake up to a text message notification?  I was already having another contraction when he answered so I kept it short and just told him he’d better come and not to bring Doll.  Then I texted my mom (just “Come!”).  The nurse asked if I’d gotten ahold of my mom and I told her I had texted her and hopefully that was good enough.   She offered to let me use her phone but the contractions were so fast and painful I couldn’t do anything that organized.  Managing to call Hubby and text my mom used up all my rational thought and ability.

There were now all three night nurses with me, with their delivery-tools table all set up, ready for my baby-doctor.

I was asked if I felt the urge to push.  My answer?  “I’m not sure.”

Weird, eh?

Well, with my firstborn when that first push contraction came it was so sudden that I knew right away.  But this time, I thought I felt push but it was like it came on gradually and took a couple contractions to build up.  Which I tried to explain but I doubt whatever I said at that point made much sense.

But then I was pushing.  I closed my eyes and just listened to the nurses.  They coached me along, telling me when to push and when to wait and just let it stretch *shudder*:

“But it hurts!”

“I know it hurts, just let it sit there for a minute.”

“It hurts!”

“I know.”

I just listened to their voices and did what they said.  I pushed, I waited, I stretched *shudder*, I pushed some more.

And 24 minutes after my water broke, Poni was laid on my chest.  Her eyes were screwed shut (and they remained that way for a long time) and the hair! Sooooo much hair!  No wonder I had terrible heartburn.

I held her and just stroked her hair over and over.  In a bit of a haze, I asked the nurses how I’d done.  I meant in terms of how it looked down there.  They just laughed and said I did great.  They helped me wipe her off a bit and one nurse said “She’s beautiful!” To which I asked “It’s a girl?” and one of them peeked under the blanket to confirm for me.

A couple minutes later my baby-doctor arrived, followed closely by Hubby.  I looked up as the doctor came in and said “You missed it!” then Hubby was besides me rubbing Poni’s head and asking if it was a boy or girl.


Later that morning I was put on an Oxytocin drip because my uterus wasn’t contracting satisfactorily, apparently.  Which meant my baby-doctor had to come back in and check me out again.

Her discovery?  Clots.

Oh no.

I had clots after my firstborn, too.  I didn’t quite remember the experience at that moment, but it came back as soon as she started …

Luckily, Hubby had gone home to take care of Doll.  Also luckily, my mom was there.

I won’t go into detail, but my baby-doctor removed the clots while I clung to my mom.  Horrible, horrible experience!  Traumatic.  I hope I forget it soon!

As for breastfeeding, Poni latched fine probably about 20 minutes after birth.  And I knew right away that I was in for another trial of nipple pain, as I’d had with Doll.  Now, almost three weeks later I can confirm that, yes, it has been just as difficult as the first time around however it is progressing more rapidly (meaning were going through the different stages of pain faster so it will stop hurting sooner).  Already, Poni and I have the occasional pain-free feeding. I’m ecstatic!

What was my main thought as I held my new baby for the first time?

My second birth story - Poni

This was so worth it. 10/10 would do again.

What was your main thought after delivery?



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  • Reply The Sun Mama April 13, 2017 at 05:30

    Congratulations on your new addition!!!!! Such a beautiful baby!!!!! I remember like it was yesterday the birth of both my boys… 🙂 Such joyful days those were…. 🙂
    The Sun Mama recently posted…Comment on Pirates, Princesses and Pixie Dust…. by thesunmamaMy Profile

  • Reply karla April 14, 2017 at 12:28

    She is beautiful! To answer your question – one of my first thoughts after having my daughter (besides being happy that she was healthy and that I loved her) was that I was glad we had decided this was the last one! Lots of pain – but as you said, worth it, of course.
    karla recently posted…My Hope is You AloneMy Profile

  • Reply Kerry April 14, 2017 at 23:35

    Oh she’s beautiful, sounds like the birth was a positive one, it’s a shame your husband missed it though! #blogstravaganza

  • Reply Briony April 15, 2017 at 01:41

    Oh my word she is a cutie! Congratulations #blogstravaganza

  • Reply The Tale of Mummyhood April 15, 2017 at 06:51

    Ah what a little lovely! It’s a shame that your husband missed it but all’s well that ends well! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx
    The Tale of Mummyhood recently posted…#Blogstravaganza #15My Profile

  • Reply Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... April 15, 2017 at 10:51

    Great to read this 2nd experience: I think you’ve been over to my blog and read my 3 very different experiences. Glad it was quick and the pain over quick too #blogstravaganza
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… recently posted…Zach’s first birthday!My Profile

  • Reply mainy April 16, 2017 at 02:26

    Oh congratulations and she is a beauty. One of my favourite things is retelling my birth story to my boys as they grow up. I never tire of it and and 8 and 11 now, my boys just groan and roll their eyes at me now which makes us all laugh:) I loved hearing yours:)
    mainy recently posted…Easy Granola RecipeMy Profile

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