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How to Patch Your Favourite Jeans

How to patch a hole in your jeans.

Concerning Jean Repair:

Have you ever experienced the agony of discovering a hole in your favourite jeans?  And watching it slowly grow over time until it gets to the point where you know the end is nigh?  Isn’t that sad?

Stop that hole in its tracks before it kills your jeans!
Don't despair over that hole in your jeans! You can give your pants new life with this patch!

Well, I experienced this sadness just recently.  Or at least it reached its end point recently.  Obviously it started a month or so ago.  My favourite jeans.  My favourite MATERNITY jeans.  My favourite ONLY-ONES-THAT-FIT-ME maternity jeans.  Is the seriousness of the situation sinking in yet?

It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t wear them unless I wore my long johns underneath.  Which is mostly doable right now, it being winter and all.  But also didn’t work at times because I’m 33 weeks pregnant and for the second time in my life (second pregnancy), I actually produce excess body heat.  Long johns are not a full-time necessity this particular winter.

So, yeah, I can deal with it.  But I would rather not.

I have patched Hubby’s clothes before.  But it has never looked good.  Which was fine with him.  Rugged is fine.  But I couldn’t hack-job my one pair of jeans.  Not an option.

So I actually put in an amount of effort to make this not a “rugged” patch.

First, I cut out a piece of jean bigger than the hole.  I hemmed the edges of the patch (and then double-checked that it still covered the hole) and then I turned my jeans inside out.

I had decided I wanted the patch to be on the inside of the jeans, so I wouldn’t have to worry about tacking down the edges and also because I had a plan for the outside of the hole, which you can read here:

How to make your own customized clothing patch

Every other time I have patched a hole, I pinned the patch in place before beginning to sew.  Then again, most of my other patches were, like I said, rugged, and also sewn by hand.  I intended to do this one differently.  So rather than attempting to pin the patch in place, I actually got out my handy-dandy fabric spray glue (which I used to redress this dresser:

How to Make an old dresser new again ... with fabric!

Redressing an Old Dresser


) and I glued the wrong side of the jean patch to the inside of my jeans.  My use-what-you-got basting method.  I know, I know.  A little bit cheaty.  But it worked so well I’m fairly certain I’ll be doing it this way again.

Now I finnagled the jeans under my Kenmore needle.  Which was slighly tricky since my machine is a flat-top.  But also not too tricky because the hole is pretty near the waistband (right underneath the pocket, as a matter of fact).

Since I had a plan for covering up the outside of the hole, I didn’t have to worry about thread colour or what the end stitch-job looked like.  You’ll want to take these issues into consideration if you don’t plan on covering up the patch-job. Which means you’ll have to pre-plan your bobbin/thread colour.

Since I glued my patch on, I was free to sew the patch on from the outside of the jeans, content in the knowledge that it wouldn’t move on me even though it was on the bottom.

I selected a zig-zag stitch and went around the outside of the hole.  Then I went up-and-down across the hole until the entire hole was covered.

To be specific, I did an up-down at the very start of the hole, turned the work, did two stitches along the edge, then turned again and did another up-down.  I did this the whole way across the patch.

Funny enough, it actually doesn’t look too bad!  I probably could have gotten away with not even covering it with my customized patch!

The jean patch finished, inside view.

Finished jean patch, outside view.

I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in the horrible predicament of a hole in their favourite jeans.

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