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Dex Womb Sounds Bear

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This review is my own idea; I did NOT receive this bear in exchange for my opinion.  I just want to give it.


My wonderful mother-in-law got this bear for Doll and brought it to Canada from the U.S.  He’s an American, like Hubby.  They get along great!

When I decided to write this review, I had to Google “heartbeat bear toy” because I didn’t know what it was called.  Since before we even had it, I have called him “Whooshy Bear.”

For those of you who don’t know yet what a heartbeat toy is, it’s any toy that makes the sound of a heartbeat as heard from the womb.   So instead of a beating sound, it’s more of a whooshing noise.  Hence the name Whooshy Bear.  It’s meant to help young babies sleep, because for nine months they have been surrounded by that sound.

Our Whooshy Bear is actually called a Dex Womb Sounds Bear.  He’s a brown teddy bear with light brown “hands” and “feet.”  His fur is curly and really he’s quite soft.  On his back there is a Velcro opening to an interior pocket which holds the speaker unit.  When it’s in the pocket, just the power/volume knob protrudes.  It has Velcro straps so you can secure Whooshy Bear to, well, whatever.


Currently, Whooshy Bear’s home is the corner of Doll’s crib.  Previously he has lived on her swing cradle, the post of her baby swing, and hanging from the baby carrier.  Not to mention the many car rides where he just sat at her feet and lulled her to sleep.

Ok, that last one may be a little misleading.

Whooshy Bear has never been needed in order to help Doll sleep in the car.  His presence was for the purpose of training her to associate Whooshy Bear with sleep.  Because we didn’t have him right from the start, we would bring Whooshy Bear wherever Doll was and as soon as she looked tired or sleepy we would turn him on.

Doll doesn’t actually need Whooshy Bear in order to fall asleep (I don’t think so, anyway) but I always turn him on when it’s nap- or bedtime because he’s telling her that it’s time to sleep (because, you know, children don’t always listen to their parents, especially at sleep time).

When we first transitioned Doll to her crib she would sometimes wake up when Whooshy Bear timed out and stopped “whooshing” but we haven’t had that problem for a few months now.

Dex Womb Sounds Bear:


  • It’s a teddy bear!
  • Goes for a long time and has automatic shutoff (the time varies depending on the strength of the batteries)
  • Variable volume control
  • Soft
  • Attaches so it can be kept out of reach
  • Comforting to young babies
  • Once baby is old enough you can take out the speaker unit and now it’s a normal teddy


  • Velcro is loud if you decide you need to move the bear after baby is asleep.
  • If the battery is low, after timing out you need to turn the switch to off for a minute before you can turn it back on.

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  • Reply Bobby-Jo Dearnley November 26, 2016 at 02:19

    Such a cool idea!

  • Reply karlapitzen November 26, 2016 at 12:04

    I remember those nights of trying to get my babies to sleep. Pure torture sometimes! If this helps with that, then it’s worth every penny! The velcro to keep it in place is a great idea.

  • Reply brett November 28, 2016 at 10:12

    ok great, ask doll if i can borrow her teddy cause i can’t sleep either

    • Reply Jaclyn November 28, 2016 at 18:05

      There’s an app for that 🙂 No, but really if you don’t mind sleeping with your phone beside you you can listen to soothing night sounds to fall asleep to.

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