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Protect Your Baby Carrier

Two teething pads and a drool bib.

Because it’s precious, like gold.

Concerning Baby Products:

I received this product for free and this is my honest review of the product. My opinions are unbiased and 100% my own.

I’ve used a lot of baby carriers. I started with a Moby wrap. Which I loved but only while Doll was small. As she got bigger I started looking at other options.

I tried shoulder slings (one size sling), ring slings (adjustable sling), a Snuggli, an Infantino Easy Rider, an Infantino Wrap and Tie carrier, and finally an original Ergobaby.

I never could make the slings work for me. Just not my cup of tea, I suppose.

I liked how Doll looked in the Snuggli but it was uncomfortable to wear and I didn’t like how I looked wearing it (it doesn’t seem like it having read that but I swear I’m not a vain person).

The Easy Rider hurt my back and shoulders and I rejected it after I heard that “crotch carriers” were not the ideal way to carry your baby.

The Wrap and Tie was the perfect design but ultimately just a stepping stone to the Ergobay because they’re basically the same thing except the Ergo buckles where the Infantino ties.


The Ergobaby. I love it. My mother-in-law actually sent it to me from California where she found it for $50. And I use the crap out of it!

The problem is so does Doll. My carrier is black. Or was, I should say. The straps are often white and gross because Doll just loves to suck on them while she’s riding around. They get sopping wet and then turn weird greyish-white once it dries.

With how much I carry her, my Ergobaby would have to be washed every day in order to make it not gross. But you just can’t do that. I rarely go long enough not using it for it to have time to be washed and dried. And it’s picky about how it’s dried.

But Baby Preferred has a solution:

Teething Drool Pads and bib
These are drool/teething pads. They’re actually meant for the Ergobaby 360 but they fit my carrier just fine. Since Doll can only face inwards in my carrier, the bib isn’t useful to me. There’s also a couple stretchy loops on one of the straps which would be great for attaching a soother but Doll never took to soothers so that perk is just moot to me.

Those strap covers though? Insanely awesome idea. They just snap around the straps so when Doll goes to suck on the strap, she’s sucking on these pads instead. Which can be removed, cleaned, and dried very easily and very fast. My carrier doesn’t look gross anymore (exept for the fact that it’s all faded because of how much I use it)!

Baby sucking on drool teething pads

The fabric is soft (and pretty!) and Doll can’t soak through to the strap because they have a waterproof layer.

And not that’s it’s terribly important, but the fabric just so happens to almost match my carrier’s colour scheme (black and beige) perfectly.

You can get more information and reviews or purchase it here.

This is an excellent product and I wish I’d had it from the start. As it is, better late than never!



I would love to hear your thoughts on this product, comment below!

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