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Rag Burp Cloth

Concerning Baby Supplies; Burp Cloths:

Before I found out I was pregnant with our second, I cut up almost all of Doll’s burp cloths to use in my sewing projects.  I barely used them anyway.  But I have read some mommy testimonials about just how much a baby can spit up.

So I am now somewhat concerned that I may be unprepared for what baby #2 could throw at us.

Or more accurately throw UP on us.

So I started looking into making my own burp cloths.  Turns out Pinterest is the best place to get those ideas.  Such beautiful pictures!  And one of the most beautiful that I came across was a burp cloth with “rag” edges.

What do I mean by rag?  It’s when the edges of the fabric (in this case, flannel) are left exposed (rather than turned into the inside of the item) and they are clipped at regular intervals so that they get soft and fluffy.  It’s a very wonderful effect.

Since I was using some nice flannel to make a Thirds Diaper Insert, I figured I may as well make one of these gorgeous rag burp cloths at the same time and see how it turned out.  I did it very simply.  The post I read put a lot more time and effort into their project but really mine is just a prototype.  To see if I like it.  To see if the size works out.  To see if it’s worth putting more time and effort into.  For myself.

So very simply, here is how I made my first Rag Burp Cloth:

I found one of the few surviving burp cloths and cut out two pieces of flannel the exact same size.  I did this by folding my flannel in half and laying the burp cloth on top, also folded in half.  I used my rotary cutter to cut out the pieces but scissors will work just fine as well.

Trace out your shape onto your fabric.

I did one piece on a pink flowery fabric and the second on black.  Which looks really nice but once you think about it, black may not be the most discreet colour for an item that a baby will be puking on.

Thank goodness it’s just a prototype!  It does look really nice, though.  Unused, that is.

Anyway, I then sewed the two pieces wrong-sides together.  Actually, the black doesn’t have a right or wrong side but the pink one did.  So as long as the right side of the pink was facing out I was good.  I sewed around the edge probably about 1/2″ from the edge.

Two flannel pieces sewn with 1/2" allowance, wrong sides together.

For those of you doing this as a learning project, don’t forget to backstitch at the start and end.  For everyone else, obviously.

Now stretch out your fingers and hand because the next part can be rather painful, even for such a small project.

You’re going to cut little snips from the rough edge straight in to the stitching.  DO NOT CUT THE STITCHES!!!

I used these awesome snip that are made especially for “ragging.” I got them for Christmas from my Mommy 🙂 Thanks Mom!  But when I made my first rag quilt I just used scissors.  You do not need these special snips.  Scissors work just fine.

My special snips made for ragging.

I did mine probably about 1/4″ apart.

Clip the edges of the fabric about 1/4" apart. Don't cut the stitches!

Technically, the burp cloth is now finished.  But it doesn’t look very nice, does it?  That’s because the edges are not technically ragged.  In order to get the fuzzy rag look, the item needs to be washed a couple times.  It will get fluffier and fuzzier with each wash.

Here is what the finished burp cloth looks like.  This is after I washed it three times.

Rag Burp Cloth trial run, after washing

And here is a close-up of what the rag edge looks like after those three washes.

Rag Burp Cloth trial run, rag after washing

What do you think?  Is it worth making more of?  Worth putting in more time and effort?

It feels a little thin to me, so I’d like to add another layer, at the very least, if I decide to do more.  Any advice from those of you who have made (and actually used) burp cloths before?

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  • Reply The Sun Mama January 26, 2017 at 03:53

    These look so adorable ! I’m going to make some of these as a gift for a friend who just had a baby 🙂
    The Sun Mama recently posted…Choosing me….My Profile

  • Reply Crystal January 26, 2017 at 08:27

    Cool. Nice idea. I will make one this weekend 🙂

  • Reply karla January 26, 2017 at 21:43

    Those look great! To have something that actually looks better after you wash it is an added bonus!
    karla recently posted…Your Local Library May Have More to Offer Than You RealizeMy Profile

  • Reply Autumn's Mummy February 5, 2017 at 04:58

    This is beautiful! I definitely need to get a bit more crafty. #Blogstravaganza

  • Reply The Tale of Mummyhood February 6, 2017 at 05:49

    I love these, you are so creative! I think Pinterest is a great resource too, there are so many fab ideas to go at! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza xx
    The Tale of Mummyhood recently posted…Team Little Alf!My Profile

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