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Toddler Lucky Cat Costume

Concerning Halloween:

Last Halloween Doll was less than 5 months old; a costume was not a very big priority.  My friend lent us a spider costume and it was pretty big on her but yeah, of course she looked adorable.

This year I have been trying for almost a month to think of a costume I could make.  I didn’t even get an idea though until I met Ashley from The Geeky Mama Blog and read about her October contests, #Top5craftymamas.


I really enjoy being crafty.  I’m just not terribly good at it.

So for her first contest I made a coffee cozy.  I know that most everyone could have thought of a better fall craft in the first place (not even mentioning doing a better job on it) but to be honest I’m really proud of it.  I see it sitting on the counter or the table and I get a happy little feeling because I think it looks good, and I know the effort I put into making it.

Making a successful craft is very satisfying.

And remember: “successful” is a relative term!

The third contest is to make a homemade kid’s Halloween costume.  Funny enough, I got the idea that I ended up using while I was gazing lazily around the living room trying to think of a fall craft for the first week.

Do you know what I saw?

Lucky Cat!

Gold Lucky Cat

We got Lucky Cat at a garage sale last summer because we figured his waving would be fun for Doll to look at.  And it was.  Babies are sooooo easily amused.

I saw Lucky Cat, Lucky Cat saw me (and waved) and I asked Hubby if he thought I would be stupid to try to make a Lucky Cat Halloween costume.  He didn’t answer right away.  But when he did, he said no.

I googled it, and apparently it’s not a common costume.  Yay!  I thought of something original!

Now, since I had my awesome idea a whole two weeks before that contest’s week, it only makes sense that I would procrastinate and put it off until the day before submissions are due.  Anyone else do that?

So there I was, one day before the contest ends, dragging Hubby and Doll around to all the second hand stores looking for a gold coloured piece of clothing that I could make a Lucky Cat costume out of.

No luck.

However!  We did find a gold lion (?) costume.  It didn’t have a head, just a body and tail.  Perfect.  I can work with that.  It even fits Doll.  I also got a red dog collar and a red belt or something, which I think probably came from a Wonder Woman costume.  I planned to use the red belt to make the inside of Lucky Cat’s ears.

And now that I had some of the stuff, I procrastinated again!

Cue the night submissions are due.

There I am, at 6pm, heading out to the dollar store to try my luck on the finishing touches.  It took me an hour, but when I got home I had a sheet of gold paper, a sheet of yellow felt, a Halloween headband with leopard ears, a couple black markers, and yellow socks.

Know what I did next?  If you answered “Make an awesome costume!” … you would be wrong.  What I did do was procrastinate AGAIN!! How is it that the more things you have on your to-do list (and the more urgent they are), the longer you put off starting?  So there’s another time gap here but I finally started making Lucky Cat a little after midnight.

Lucky Cat costume supplies

I cut out a couple red pieces from the belt thing and put those inside the leopard ears.

20161030_033510 20161030_033523

Then I covered the whole headband in yellow felt. And I sewed it down.  Which was time-consuming.  I should have used glue.  I’ve got a big bottle of spray-adhesive in the drawer 6 feet away from me.  But instead I went 6 feet in the opposite direction and picked out a nice thread to match, and a needle, and my scissors.  Smart right?  As usual.

Lucky Cat costume - ears

Next I cut a small box so that it had a rounded top and I covered that in the gold paper.  I wrote my best copy of Lucky Cat’s tablet onto the one I made.

20161030_015921 20161030_020017

Lucky Cat's tablet

I wasn’t going to bother with the writing under his arm, because I don’t think anyone will see it on Doll, but I ended up writing that out on some gold paper too so we’ll just tape it to the underside of Doll’s arm and even if no one sees it, you, my faithful reader, will know that it is there.

Lucky Cat costume

As for the socks, those are to go overtop her shoes.  Because for some reason, all Doll’s shoes that actually fit are blue …

Doll is asleep right now (as it is almost 3:30am) so I can’t get a picture of her in the whole getup but I will certainly get one tomorrow so if you’re reading this and it seems to be missing the final “Look what I did!” picture, just try back later.

Here’s the final product! And sorry, I forgot to mention the green bandana which I sewed to the collar which I sewed to the body.  And I couldn’t find a bell 🙁

Lucky Cat costume

As for me, I’m going to send this off to the last #Top5craftymamas contest and hit the sack.

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