About Me



My name is Jaclyn and I live in southern British Columbia with my husband (Hubby), our daughters (Doll and Poni), and a lot of animals! We have a dog, a cat, a snake, and mice.  Not to mention my sister living downstairs with her daughter has three cats and two leopard geckos.  It’s a zoo.

I drove for a living before being laid off due to lack of work and before I  started doing it professionally I did it for fun.  I have lots of nuggets of “road wisdom” that I want to tell you about so we can all have a more enjoyable and safe drive, whether you’re on the highway for fun or not.

As much as I love highway driving though,  I would prefer to stay home with my daughter.  I’m a homemaker at heart and so when I am home I try to cram in all the things I would have done if I hadn’t been at work.  And it is possible.  So if you’re looking for some homey things, I can help! And rest assured that if I manage to do it, you can too!

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