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What Is My Cost and Materials For The Flats and Handwashing Challenge?

Day 2 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2017: What are you using and what is the cost?

Concerning budget-friendly diapering:

Day 2:

I survived the first day of the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge! My hands didn’t quite come out unscathed . . . The wringing took its toll.  So tonight’s diapers might not get wrung quite as well but as long as I imagine I’m wringing the necks of all the irresponsible pet-owners who have made it impossible to find a rental for our family AND dog … I’ll manage just fine.

Day 2 of The Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2017: What are you using and what is the cost?

Day 2 of The Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2017: What are you using and what is the cost?

If karate yells are heard from my motel room tonight, it’s just diaper laundry.

Today is the day I reveal what I’m actually using for diapers, and what the cost was.

In case you don’t feel like reading the breakdown I’ll just tell you the bottom line: none of my diapers are diapers and the cost (heavily estimated) is $47.

I had originally planned on stocking up on flour sack towels for the challenge but, well, money is tight.  I bought one 5-pack of FSTs for $7.  Obviously 5 flats will not get me very far.  So I’m also employing around 19 blankets.  I’m not sure of the exact number because I keep finding them here and there and re-employing them as (surprise) blankets.  Or burp cloth/wipe/rag.  So the number changes.

Most of the blankets are flannel but I’ve got a few muslin ones and also some cotton.  And yes, I’m aware that flannel is cotton but not all cotton is flannel.

So what is my cost for all these blankets? In actuality $0 because I didn’t buy any of them myself.  I got some new at Doll’s baby shower, I was given some by friends, and many of them I picked up free at our reuse centre.  But assuming one might need to buy these I will put a cost of $9.50 for all of them.  That’s 50cents each, which is probably what a receiving blanket will run you at the Salvation Army.

I had wanted to use t-shirts for flats but I literally only have three shirts and the rest are buried in storage. And I know better than to ask Hubby if Poni can pee and poo on his!

As I said, no actual diapers.  The “covers” are another story.  I only own 3 covers and of those 3 I could only find one in our storage unit.  Buying covers is absolutely not an option and although my sewing machine is easily accessible in the storage unit, my sewing supplies and fabric are not.  I would have loved to make some covers but alas, it was not to be.

So my only option is to use my pocket diapers as covers.  I have bamboo and polyester pockets.  I chose 4 of the polyester pockets (because they will stay dry, whereas the bamboo will suck up any moisture that touches it).

Although covers are cheaper than pocket diapers, I tallied the cost as pocket diapers and it comes to $40.  This price is specific to my brand of pockets (Piddly-Winx) and I had to guess a little on the price because her polyester diapers are now on clearance plus they come with an insert.  I estimate each shell costs $10.  And that one cover I have I got for 50cents, in a lot with other diaper stuff.


5 FSTs $7

19 blankets $0- $9.50

4 pocket diapers/covers $24- $40

1 cover $0.50

Total cost for me to diaper one baby in flats and “covers” $47.50

Total potential cost to diaper one baby in flats and “covers” $9.50- $57

Other costs?
I didn’t buy, don’t have, and therefore am not using pins, Snappis, or other closures. I let the cover hold the flat on or I tie it.
Bucket and plunger? Nope. Literally washing by hand. And feet, actually (you’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out my wash method).
Detergent? So far, nope. Again, Thursday.
Im not using a wet/dry bag, a wet bag, or even a pail. If I need to change Poni on the go, I’ll put the dirty diaper in a plastic grocery bag. Her dirty diapers simply wait on the floor by the bathtub for wash time.

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